Fiesta MK2 ‘Legacy’ Exhibition 2019

Pleased to say the painting titled: ‘Bite‘ 51 x 40 cm, o/c on gesso ground, came together in a convincing way. Sufficiently so to give me a working title for this current series and pave the way into demanding a more ambitious scale. My dealings with the legacy of abstraction, finding a different order and logic from the drag of times past, seems indelible. Bite manages to engage with the geometries of fear that feed frenzy into my/our everyday.

Perfectly timely, and very pleasing, to say ‘Bite’ is selected to be part of a show titled ‘Legacy’ opening on 15th November at The Auxiliary, in Middlesbrough.  A remarkable eventuality to evolve in Teesside that means I do not need to journey by train or ‘plane to appreciate how the autonomy of painting continues to thrive.


Bite (01)

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