The curious case of abstraction…

The curious case of abstraction? Confronting ideas that can at first sight, come across as rather tricky, unexpected and may seem perversley resistent to easy literalism? Pleasingly this is not always so. Visitors to the show presented themselves as willing co-participants whose knowing intent was to discover something new, keen to decide for themselves where the attributes of virtue, value, function and usefulness may reside.

Talking with visitors and guests in this public exhibition is more than a fond memory. The priveleged opportunity to share ideas in the informal setting of a public exhibition venue with ‘people and paintings’ on-site is wonderfully real.



Descriptive terminolgy such as ‘a site for primary research’ though accurate may nonetheless infer a lack of  authenicity? By contrast, this conversation was free flowing, sometimes tentative in its query sometimes assured and thereby memorably engaging. The images detailed above give a sense of the manner of discussion.

Public galleries offer a mode of safe space where choice, perception and reflection is expected and, in the context of viewing the outcome of current cultural production, is actively encouraged.




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