BAK 2017 ‘Art in a Time of Interregnum’


‘The BAK Summer School: Art in a Time of Interregnum brings together artists, curators, art theorists, and academics to collectively think through, learn about, and imagine critical, politically-informed artistic practices that work to grasp and influence our dramatically changing times. Concepts of the precariat, the challenges of contemporary fascisms, contemporary constructions of “we,” the posthuman and Anthropocene, etc. will be discussed with a thematic inquiry into forms of artistic expression relevant to contemporary destabilizations.’

Discussion groups, formal and informal: in situ at BAK, taking a break, core texts anchoring shared discourse: public spaces for discussion groups, adjacent to BAK, at CASCO (with a memorably beautiful tree): the view from the tower block allocated for summer school accommodation: city centre events (Women’s Euro Finals) and street life at ACU (performance event and street life smoking breaks). An intriguing mix, a delight to take part in, made so much more fulfilling by a responsive and inclusive approach to hosting. Am I the only one to think the manner of hosting and advance work on reading lists made this event uniquely special?

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