The Kennington Residency February 2017


Jean and I had made an appointment to meet with James Campion and it is appropriate that the random ‘mosaic’ allocation of photographs taken in the exhibition situate his work centre stage. Such a terrific red. The particularity of his approach is compelling as is his innately respectful regard for painting. James is a generous and engaging host and made us both very welcome. We shared conversations about his co-curating of the show (with Sophie Starling), its reception on the opening night, over the previous week-end and the frequency of additional ‘appointments to view’. Many thanks.

I had seen representations of work ‘on-screen’ by all the artists in this show and am especially pleased to see the world of difference between what might have been supposed and the actuality of their physical presence.

The artist work shown in the small selection of photographs detailed above are: Andreas Medjesi-Jones (upper row, one & two), Daniel Sturgis (upper row, three & four), James Campion (middle), Mali Morris (lower row, one & two), Kes Richardson (lower, three) and Sophie Starling (lower, four). The full extent of the show incorporates twice the number of works than are shown above.

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