Paola Ciarska ‘Coming Along Nicely’ Exhibition at Globe Gallery February 2017


The feeling of being lost in Newcastle is a pleasingly timeless mystery for me. Lots of architectural changes, new buildings, new vistas, reconfigured city lights and pedestrianised walkways. Eventually, by chance, found myself standing outside the entrance to Globe Gallery and delighted on entry to meet the Director of the gallery, Rashida Davison, who I had not seen since my post graduate studies in the late 1980’s when Rashida was a visiting tutor into the MA Fine Art programme speaking of her ambition to run a fine art gallery. This night is my first ever visit to Globe Gallery and a pleasure to awaken latent memories in my conversation with Rashida whilst seeing the Paola Ciarska show in-situ.

The miniature paintings in the show titled ‘Coming Along Nicely’ are compellingly soft surfaced gouache works, all memorably exceptional and literally gorgeous on the eye. Lost count of the extent of works displayed – twenty plus? Very, very special indeed. Also brilliant to see the outcome of Rashida’s ambition and determination to succeed. Well done both.

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