Amie Siegel screening ‘Strata’ SLG February 2017


It’s exciting for Jean and I to make a return visit to our former home in Nunhead and see how much Ivydale Road and its locale has changed for the better and a bonus to see how South London Gallery (SLG) has evolved as a sensitively refurbished arts venue.

SLG is a well appointed venue offering the opportunity to acquire limited edition art works, has an extensive range of visual arts periodicals and texts, is host venue for artist residency placements and is extending its estate through the acquisition of another building nearby. Progress, progress. SLG thereby presents itself as an active and thriving working space for artists that probably warrants a nod of appreciation to Goldsmiths being nearby and the legacy of the  YbA group. I remember seeing a show titled ‘Minky Manky’ at SLG way back in 1995.

The film screening of ‘Strata’ made by Amie Siegel proves to be impressive  for its assured recalibration of painterly sensibilities. Seeing this screening in situ and experience the cinematic scale, pace of camera tracking, cutting, focus and editing is really special. I must also say the sound score for ‘Strata’ came across as crushingly literal. Again, way different as a total package from what may have been supposed or deduced from online marketing and advance publicity. Nonetheless well worth the visit and a nudge to return more frequently.

Two of the photographs detailed above show the view from the first floor window (left) looking to the garden area at the rear of the venue and (right) looking downwards to the ground floor cafe adjacent to the garden entrance, and the third image (middle) detailing the majestic front entrance.

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