Starting work at Das Spectrum (2016)

Starting out is always the tricky bit and for me the best way forward is to ‘get busy’ in the studio each day and stick with it until ideas arrive more readily and momentum begins to build. It really is smart that the AIR studio I was gifted is located on the ground floor next to the kitchen area, social space and garden used by all the DS artists. It was especially useful to me that other painters in the group shared conversations about the work they were making and the work being made by artist residents. Lovely to experience a much more direct and less defensive manner of discourse about work in progress. Such a contrast to what I had imagined and thereby made it really easy for me to settle in. Exciting stuff. An additional bonus was to quickly know that the art supplies branch of Peter Van Ginkel is nearby the apartment I was renting, everything I would need and more is in place. The second artist in residence is shortly to arrive on site and to know in advance that Remy Neumann (from Limburg) is a painter is terrific news. And to top it all the weather is relentlessly hot and considered the best summer weather for ages…

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